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Top Professional Software Programs Used in Video Editing


Are you interested in the professional tools used by top video production companies? Today, these tools which were once used by major production companies are available to almost everybody. These tools provide the opportunity to provide quality content, but they do not come cheap. Here are a number of video editing programs that Gardner, a Toronto based Video Production company considers some of the best in the market today.

Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Premier Pro is the answer to professional video editing. It can be purchased independently or as a part of Adobe’s Creative Suite bundles. Its video editing capabilities have been widely used and can support HD resolution standards required for film or high-end video productions. Adobe Premier Pro is compatible with other Adobe products, and this is one of its greatest advantages.   

Sony Vegas Pro

This tool was developed by Sony and can be used for professional video editing. It offers a very sophisticated feature set of video editing functionality. The best part of it is that its prices are very pocket-friendly. Major production companies use the software, and even some film festival winners have used the tool to edit their films. Sony Vegas Pro is currently available only for Windows PCs.

Final Cut Pro

This is a product from Apple and can be used for professional video editing. Final Cut Pro can also edit video footage in some formats, something common with other professional editing packages. It’s a very standard video editing software which is being adopted by many production companies. However, it is only available for Apple Macs.




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