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Benefits That Should Compel You to Use Cloud Tools in Your Business

Since the introduction of cloud computing, cloud-based tools have completely changed everything. Through this, companies have been able to benefit immensely from the computing power of data in the cloud.

Many big companies have outsourced all their cloud computing tasks to IT firms that have the necessary expertise to help the businesses compete in the 21st century marketplace.

Other companies, especially small businesses, have found that the benefits of IT staff augmentation are good enough to serve their business situation without outsourcing all their IT needs to a third party. But there’s still another group that has chosen to only outsource expertise in the use of cloud-based tools to train their staff.

Compare expenses to revenue

For small business owners, cloud-based tools enable them to compare their monthly expenses to incoming revenue. This is very important as businesses fail when their upstart capital investments and fixed expenses surpass their current sales level. This becomes disastrous for businesses as it takes capital required to propel their growth.

The good news is cloud computing allows small business owners to control their expenditure by paying for what they only require. Typically, businesses do not require long-term contracts to get connected with cloud-based tools.

Actually, small and medium sized businesses utilize cloud-based tools to compete against larger and well-established companies. Here are the secret benefits of cloud tools to business.

More flexibility to get into new business

What makes entrepreneurs and large organizations hold back from pursuing new ideas? Is it time, money or the lack of both? Let’s say a company wants to design and tests a new product.

The availability of cloud resources can avail new configurations and make them operational in a matter of minutes or hours. This help assists in reducing the time element.

This also helps in reducing the required money as users are only charged for the time they spent in the cloud. Even for the largest businesses, constant experimentation is the mother of innovation, that is, the ability to try out new ideas and accepting failure.

Cloud tools provide the assistance to try out new ideas without the investing extremely in support systems. Also, a business can quickly shift the business focus.

Business agility

Cloud tools can assist your business to get the necessary compute resources needed. This tends to reduce the time taken to complete IT projects, leading to quicker and more predictive time-to-market.

A business which results to faster production, at a cheaper cost and with more quality has a competitive edge and an upper hand compared to other businesses in the industry.

Less operational issues

Utilizing cloud tools can reduce issues and defects significantly. This reduces the time spent on operational issues, thus increasing the business continuity. This helps businesses to focus more on its core activities.

With cloud computing, businesses can deploy the same service or a range of services repetitively while getting the same results every time. This allows the business to predictively deploy pre-build server images and applications defined using design patterns.

Better utilization of resources

Apart from the business agility(PDF) model, more efficient projects and less operational issues allow your employees to focus on more useful activities which potentially increase the value of your business.

This benefit is harder to quantify as it varies with different businesses. However, the largest asset in your business is the staff; so, this allows you to utilize this asset in a better way.

Another take on better utilization of resources is based on the principles of economies of scale. That is, cloud tools generally utilize physical resources more efficiently, thus reducing energy consumption in contrast to the traditional IT approach.

Smoother mergers and acquisitions

It takes months or even years for mergers to be completed. The time also taken to transfer data from one system to another is considerably a lot, and this is one the major challenges in mergers.

In other times, it never takes place. Even governments are facing the challenge of consolidating agencies and departments. It’s not a surprise to find government agencies with employees manually transferring data from one system to another, which takes a lot of time.

However, with cloud tools, merging or acquiring the businesses become much easier. End-users in the business can easily access the cloud-based tools.




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