| 2017 | January

  • Benefits That Should Compel You to Use Cloud Tools in Your Business

    Since the introduction of cloud computing, cloud-based tools have completely changed everything. Through this, companies have been able to benefit immensely from the computing power of data in the cloud. Many big companies have outsourced all their cloud computing tasks to IT firms that have the necessary expertise to help the businesses compete in the…

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  • Best-Kept Secrets in The World of Enterprise Software

    The time is now for enterprise-oriented start-ups founders to leverage the winds of change. Today, a business application software can be developed using considerably fewer resources than what you would have had to invest few years back. The emergence of many IT firms like TechGroup, IT support specialists from Miami, has made this possible. Additionally,…

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  • Software

    The Top Software Implementation Process Challenges

    Closing a new software implementation deal is very challenging, but it is only half the battle. Once you’ve closed the deal, you must deliver the project in time. The delivery process must be within the budget to satisfy the client. However, this is easier said than done. That your client bypassed all other software implementation…

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